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Sleeping Child Hot Springs
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- Signed copies of all of Lance's Books
- Group and one-on-one TEDx training with Lance
- Holistic Healing Experiences
- Guest Speakers with TEDx and Keynote Experience
- Written and Verbal Astrological Reading from Lance
- Half-Off Pricing for all of Lance's future Ecourses
-Signed NBA Jersey

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Only 12 seats per Retreat!
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Over Four Million Views...
"What Is Your Polygamy?"
.. and counting.
Learn from someone who has actually 
been through the process-
Lance Allred
TEDx Star of 
"What is Your Polygamy?"

Only 12 Seats Per Retreat!
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-What's Included-
-Signed Copies of all Lance's Books
- Group and one-on-one TEDx Training with Lance
-Holistic Healith Experiences
-Astrological Reading
-Guest Speakers with TEDx and Keynote Experience
-TEDx Ecourse and half-off all future Lance Ecourses
-Signed NBA Jersey

** Travel Not Included

The Legend of Sleeping Child Hot Springs
Sleeping Child Hot Springs is located within the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana in the Bitterroot Valley. 
For centuries local warring Native American tribes declared the hot springs to be a sacred land where all had to lay down their arms. 
The last Indian lore of the sacred space was that of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce when he led his tribe out of the reservation and through the Lolo Pass into the Bitterroot Wilderness. In pursuit of Chief Joseph and his people were General Howard and his soldiers. Trying to avoid a confrontation, Chief Joseph split his tribe into smaller groups. One such group traveled through what is now Sleeping Child Creek and facing a possible battle, they left their infants by the hot springs and lured Howard's army away through a different canyon. 
When they returned, the infants were safe and peacefully sleeping, protected by the natural hot springs. 
Thus, Sleeping Child Hot Springs was named. 
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*These Weekend Dates Are Still Open for 2018:
March 23-25, April 13-15, May 18-20, June 15-16 , July 13-15, August 10-12, Sept 28-30, Oct 26-28, Nov 9-11, Dec 7-9
Missoula International Airport One Hour Away
Hamilton Private Airport 15 Minutes
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"A TEDx talk is more than a bucketlist experience..
It is a journey of self-discovery."
            - Lance Allred
Lance Allred - International Speaker - TEDx Star
Standing at 6'11, with 80% hearing-loss from RH complications at birth, Lance Allred was born and raised in a polygamist commune in rural Montana before his family escaped at the age of 13. 

His story of being an underdog is for anyone who has ever felt a dream was just out of reach. Lance travels the world, speaking to all audiences, sharing his "5 Principles of Perseverance" and his story of overcoming the odds on his way to becoming the first deaf player in NBA history.

In 2016, Lance's TEDx Talk, "What is Your Polygamy?" gained a million views in less than 2 months and has empowered him to spread his message further across the globe... impacting millions, which is the true mark of a "Millionaire."

He is the author of 4 books, with his first, Longshot, published by HarperCollins in 2009.

Working with Lance
Is a Journey of Self-Discovery
"Lance added a dimension to my TEDx experience that was made uniquely possible by his own amazing talk and experiences. Not only was he able to recognize opportunities for my essential voice and message to shine through, he also helped me to stay dedicated to it with honesty and clarity."
- Amy Shaffer
You Won't Forget What You Learn Here...
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Sleeping Child Hot Springs
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If everyone could do it, they would. 
Yet, most of us give up on our dreams. 

Promise us, and most importantly yourself, that you won't give up.
Promise, that you will you get back up everytime you get knocked down.
Because you choose to.
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